Nature needs a Peace


Environment needs a peace. Without peace, we are all in trouble. This environment provides us everything. We can’t afford things if we’re going to ruin the environment. We need peace because that’s the only way that every humanities can connect. Everybody should act in the same way so that the goals will achieve. Day by day, let’s seek for peace considering that this is the most important thing for people. A peaceful nature will lead to a great society. A great society will lead to an organize communication of people. An organize communication of people will lead to a better place.


God’s Creation


Laughing at this kind of ambiance makes everybody feel good. The light emphasizes the surroundings which help look more relaxing. Can’t you even see how God puts His effort in creating this? Let’s consider everything. We must always remember that what we see today are all made by God. And the reason why every person smile like this is because of God.  Let’s always appreciate the works of God. We should always keep an eye on the matters that we can be benefited in. We should help each other to construct a strong place where each one of us can live. And lastly, don’t forget to thank God

Cave where Everybody lives


There are many places that can say that its perfect. Every part of the world is wonderful. Each place that God created is a place that no one can make it. God always did His best for His children. He make sure that everything will be in place when His  children will live. And ever since God created this lovely world, He always assumed that we always get what we want. Each day, He is always looking and observing us. He always wanted to make sure that His children are comfortable in living. Hence, God loves to watch everybody smiling. And the smiles that we wore made Him also smile and felt that He did His best to afford everything to his children.

Top Hills


Its so lovely to be on top of the hill. You can see how big and wide the nature is. Full of trees that makes it beautiful. Full of grasses that bite your feet. Full of flowers that glows perfectly. On the top of hill, everything’s perfect. With God’s powerful strength to create it, the world looks diamond. Walking down in this kind of place, you can feel the breeze that embraces you. And its like God that comforts you telling you to pay attention to His wonderful home. The nature is the best home that God created because this is where God also leave.

Green Peace


Green makes the earth look clean. With its catchy color and beautiful ambiance to our naked eyes, it makes us attract to it. Everything we see on our surrounding are green. Green that brought the world very unique. Green that makes its identity to be known. Its surroundings we see, it is made up such amazing color combination of green and yellow green. Its long leaves that bends up and down. Small insects that fly thru its nectar. Wind that waves the body of a tree. And sun that gives proteins to grow more. Green, color that makes the earth look special.

Eco- friendly


Being an environmentalist is never been away from us.It is always in our hearts to see the nature look amazing. Once, it was destroyed by man-made or either physical calamities but it won’t give up for his or her society. As a model of the environment, we must nurture its beauty so that we can be as beautiful as it. Seeing it shiny and wonderful make us feel that we appreciated the beauty of it. Its flowers that connects with its stem makes it look perfect. The branches that is really wide and big symbolizes its strong strength. Grasses where your feet stepped on helps to feel more comfy and its bear fruit  that signifies that it is healthy. As the sun shines and passed thru its body, they receives nourishment that make it muscular. The color that adds their beauty radiates its whole shape.

Chemical free place


Standing in this kind of place help you to soothe your self. It’s like walking in the aisle but with no groom. You inhale fresh air and feel the total smoothness of it. And also, you feel mellow due to the ambiance of the nature. Walking here slowly help your self to engage and think more lightly. You can forget all the pains you have whereas you can associate the feelings you have. Absorbing and escalating at this kind of place will give you more energy. Green, yellow, blue, what a nice combination of colors that feed your eyes. A place where you can sit upon and take a nap and observe how God created the nature. Continue to preserve this kind of place because this is the best place where e can go to.