All- natural


How beautiful to see and feel the presence of the nature. The breeze that touches our skin and the freshness of air that kisses our lips. Running through this kind of place will help you to relax. You can see its widest beauty and feel the love by our Mother earth. Holding the green grasses, leaves, and also seeing small insects will make you imagined that you’re on the perfect place in the world. Looking up and elsewhere made you feel that you are lucky to have this kind of nature. You’ll hear a sweet whistle like a bird that will follow your soul. And if I we’re to ask where do I wanted to stay, I’ll choose this kind of place because I know that I’ll feel more restful. And by this, I know God is watching me and I am sure that He is happy if someone will do that.


Farm-raised view


Smiling and appreciating the beauty of the environment can increase the uniqueness of it because we are acknowledging what God has given to us. As we go through our step, we always saw how magical the nature is. Without it, our home is like a dark and abandoned place. We are here considering that we are a part of this. Since this nature will always be there, let’s prolong the life of it in maintaining the success of it. How can we live if our nature will not be like this? Full of resources such as minerals. We can’t even create a house if nature will not be around. We can’t even achieved the things we have today if nature will not be preserved. What I’ve mentioned is that, nature gave us more benefits. So if we’re not going to treat it right, things might happen always.

Earth- friendly


As I stepped on the water that flows rapidly, I say that this is beautiful. With its cold, clean and transparent view of water,  it is truly good looking. Each day that I run toward to this, I imagined my self helping the environment look nice. The most beautiful I saw is that, water rises from its deepest part with its soft core of surface. Within the smile that she wore, she seemed that she appreciated the view of the surroundings. Stepping, playing above its surface made her feel so comfortable for she was able to look the downside of the water with her two naked eyes. And as she passed thru the water, she’ll think that environment never disappoint her as she go through it. Beauty will always come first as long as people will love it. Just like the old times, we should continue to protect our environment rather than destroying it because only us will suffer its consequences. Preserve the beauty of nature and keep it until it become its perfect view.

Make it a better place

Air pollution

A selection of recent articles on world-wide air pollution

NRC Handelsblad 15-07-2006 – China is a very densely populated country, where history is mainly controlled by agricultural development. However, currently extensive industrial growth occurs at an unusual rate, causing massive increases in air pollution affecting Japan and the United States. Air pollution now is a much more serious problem in China, compared to Europe. Last year, the World Bank mentioned that China contained sixteen out of twenty most polluted cities in the world. Sources of air pollution in China include traffic and electricity generation. Currently, a total of 24 million cars are owned by Chinese people. This number is expected to be five to six times larger by 2020. Traffic is not regulated properly, which leads to endless traffic jams. Nitrogen oxides play a central role in the air pollution problem, which occurs particularly in larger cities. For example, in Shanghai nitrogen oxide emissions increased by 20% every year between 1995 and 2005. Electricity plants run on coal, thereby causing additional sulphur dioxide pollution, resulting in acid rain. Sulphur dioxide emissions are expected to double by 2020 because of rapid expansion of electricity generation and application. Carbon dioxide emissions are also expected to increase over the coming years, causing a negative set-back for Kyoto countries. Scientists predict that carbon dioxide emissions in China will eventually outgrow even those of the United States. Unfortunately, western companies such as Senternovem and Enel, and the Japanese company Mitshubishi invest in carbon dioxide reductions in Chinese cities, thereby increasing their own emission rights. Consequences of increasing air pollution in China are failed harvests, health effects such as lung infections, and rapidly increasing pollution control costs. The government is attempting to handle the environmental problem by introducing air pollution laws, which limit industrial emissions or stimulate sustainable production. However, black industrial subsidies limit the effect of legislation. Despite the many plans to decrease air pollution, there is the risk of a strong negative influence on Chinese economy in the future. It is expected that despite the many efforts to decrease dependence of coal, this will not be achieved in the (near) future.

NRC Handelsblad 14-01-2006 – Both China and India are officially still developing countries under the Kyoto Protocol, and therefore signing the protocol had no direct consequences for the countries. However, rapid industrialisation causes both countries to be among the greatest air polluters of today. If fuel use keeps growing at the rate is does today, by 2030 it will require the entire planet earth to sustain the two countries, as is stated in the recent State of the World report. China and India together contain about 40% of the world population. If per capita oil use in these countries would rise to American numbers, together they would use more than the entire world currently does. The main problem is that China and India apply coal as the main source of energy provision.


We are here in the world because God gave us the duty to make the earth be beautiful and save it from danger. We should treat our earth as our home because if we do not treat it, all of us will be lost. We can never find a home like this. Our Mother earth has everything already. If we will not take our responsibility seriously, soon the earth that we’re living for will turn into a black and dark place of human being. What can you see in the picture? People nowadays torture our environment which means they always do what they want but they don’t think what will be the consequences may come. They don’t even think use their mind to think that we are the one who’ll suffer at the end of the day. They don’t even internalized the view that what if the environment will be gone? Do they think that they won’t regret doing the nonsense things about the environment? We people should always know our actions and decisions so that we are not going to regret in the near future. Only us are the ones who can help or environment be beautiful again.

Mother Earth has Power

“Sooner or later,  we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights to live, to live without pollution. What mankind must know  is that human beings cannot live without  Mother Earth, but the planet can live without human.” – Ev0 Morales 

Philippines is considered to be 5th mineralized country in the world, the 3rd country in terms of gold reserves, 4th in copper and 5th in nickel. Total value of resources could reach around $840 billion to $1 trillion. These reserves could be used to support national industrialization and agricultural modernization if properly regulated and developed (CEC Phils, 2012).
In 2008, the Philippines was the 6th top fish producing country in the world with its total production of 4.97 million metric tons of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and aquatic plants. This constitutes 3.12% of the total world production of 159.1 million metric tons (CEC Phils, 2012).
The country has a variety of renewable and non- renewable energy sources which can lessen dependence on fuel imports. Oil reserve estimates exclude potential reserves in Mindanao, Mindoro, the Visayan Sea and the Spratlys.

Mother Nature needs our help. Even with or without the people’s love to her, she needs us because we are the one that is helping to reshape the beauty of it. See? Mother Earth comprises a very large amount of minerals. We people should always remember that because without the minerals, we can’t make anything. What we have today in our environment is we should handle it with our precious care because that’s the only thing that help us to live. We should always know the limits we’re trying to do. We need to tell our selves that not only us are the ones using it. There are a lot of people who need more so we must value it and know the importance of it. And try to influence others so that we can make our home rebuild again.

Heal our Mother Earth

“If we do  not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food, either.” – Joseph Wood Krutch

Trans-Himalayan land of Upper Mustang in Nepal may face serious food insecurity

Food security is a global challenge especially in developing countries with a growing population and less land to cultivate. Erratic weather patterns due to global warming in the recent years have increased uncertainty in the productivity of agricultural produce particularly in mountainous regions. New research has shed light on the new aspects of climate change in Nepal’s Himalayan region and has linked it with the state of food insecurity in the Trans-Himalayan land of Upper Mustang.


Let’s wake up. Slowly, time will come that our Mother earth will give up on us and will not help us to survive from the disastrous event. If we are not going to pay attention to the devastating event that is happening right now,  we are now losing our job as  a contributor to our environment. We should always think for the common good because God created us so that we are going to continue to love his home. But see, look at your surroundings? Do you think, that’s enough for you to say its fine? I think no because nowadays, we are having a hard time to look for our food. Right? So as a member of this environment, let’s pursue our selves to contribute in the best way that we can. Day by day, we are living in a place where we can fine anything but once it was abused, we cannot even try to put it back. Always remember that we have this kind of a home because God wants us to live comfortably. 



People’s power can bring joy

“We must return to nature and nature’s God.” – Luther Burbank


Increasing human encroachment on wildlife habitats is causing a rapid loss of biodiversity that threatens food security, population health and world stability. Climate change is also a major contributor to biodiversity loss, as some species aren’t able to adapt to changing temperatures. According to the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Index, biodiversity has declined 27 percent in the last 35 years.

Loss of biodiversity will threaten our lives. Nevertheless, even if the people are trying to hold it back, once it was destroyed, it is destroyed already. Yes, we can make moves but it’s not enough to rebuild again the scar we made in our environment. Also yes for people who wants to continue in helping our home to rise again. Because of the people undisciplined  actions, we commit something bad that our environment doesn’t deserve it. Every time we passed by, we see lots of beautiful buildings that the resources being used in making buildings came from our resources. I hope that people will realized everything. I hope that they are good enough to know what should be the right action for the environment. We don’t have to blame each one of us instead, we try to connect with one another and stand our own home. We should start moving and plan for the best.